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* Note:For Ocean Marine Insurance only (即時報價僅限于海運保險)
Please Select the Direction of Your Shipment(離港及抵達港的名稱):
Select the Primary Conveyance(選擇運輸方式): 
Time: from (起運時間) to (到達時間)
Amount for insurance:    $
War Risk (需要戰爭險嗎?):  Yes     No
Luggage(行李) , Food(食品) , Furniture(家具) , Electric or Appliance(家用電器) , Garment(服裝類) , Paper Products or Wasted Paper(紙平或廢紙) , Toys(玩具) , Sporting Goods(運動器材) , Computer or Parts(電腦硬件及電腦配件) , Shoes and Footwear(鞋) , General Gift Items(禮品) , Hand Tools(手工工具) , Food Supplements(健康食品) , Dry Food(干貨) , Construction Supplies(建材) , Auto Parts(汽車配件)

Important Foot Note: (重要提示)
•  Computer Parts: CPU, Memory Chips, Laptops, or Computers are excluded 电脑零件不包括手提,或桌上式整机。也不包括芯片和记忆体。
•  Food: Temperature Controlled or Refrigerated Food are Exclude 冷冻食品, 或需要温度控制的食品不包括在内。

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